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Skrea Backe Destilleri's owners on a field.

Skrea Backe Destilleri

In an old stone barn in Skrea Backe on the westcoast of Sweden, four friends with a passion for food and beverages decided to create spirits influenced by flavours from our surroundings.

About us

Skrea Backe, where you also find our family members Prostens Pizza and Skrea Matbruk, is a beautiful agricultural landscape just outside of Falkenberg where the calm, deep forests meets the vide ocean, beaches and meadows around it.

Founders of Skrea Backe Destilleri on a field
Markus, Viktor, Filip and Albert, Skrea Backe Destilleri founders.
Skrea Backe Destilleri's products.

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The distillery

Our destillery is located adjacent to the restaurant Skrea Matbruk, so if you ever visit us you can both sip on a nice cocktail AND eat homemade pasta while gazing out over our small vineyard and the dreamy surroundings. We know, it sounds just to good to be true. But it is.

The four friends mentioned above are Albert Nilsson, Filip Karlsson, Marcus Nordgren and Viktor Larsson, who all met while they were serving drinks and cooking food at Prostens Pizza and Skrea Matbruk, the two restaurants Marcus runs together with his wife Lisa Lemke. They sure love their food and wine, but they were all dreaming about something more. The idea of elevating Swedish handmade spirits started to grow. And we are not that good at keeping dreams in our head, we are better at actualizing them.

Viktor and Filip at the copper pan.
Viktor and Filip at the copper pan called "Storasyster"

We use organic botanicals carefully sourced and chosen to represent our heritage; the forest and the sea; and all the crafts associated with the area. We are proud to use a quality copper still from our german friends at Carl Gmbh, or Storasyster as we call her.

We distill every bottle with love and laughter - please enjoy responsibly.

Viktor and Albert filling bottles.


Do you have thoughts or are you interested in ordering? Welcome to contact us on info@skreabacke.se.